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Officially Bougie


Hi, I am Tassnique, owner of Officially Bougie Paramedical and OB-Academy of medical micropigmentation! As a former medical technician with 10 plus years in nursing, a degree in healthcare, and five years of medical tattooing, I have served my community by changing lives and restoring,
"What once was to what can be!"

My ability to connect with my clients is more than just a patient to a specialist, having my own near breast cancer experience is what motivated me into being the first privately owned medical-tattooing service in Lafayette, Louisiana and as of now the first in the state. I am determined to give back what the enemy has stolen for all breast cancer survivors with the art of areola restoration.

I help women & men close chapters in their lives and reclaim their self-love through areola restoration, scar/ stretch mark camouflage, BB-Glow's for facial discoloration, and so much more.Allow OB to help you close lifechanging chapters and restore confidence back in your everyday living!

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What is Paramedical Tatooting?

Paramedical tattooing is a form of tattooing that is used to restore the appearance of skin that has been affected by injury or surgery. This type of tattooing can be used to cover up scars, burns, and other types of skin damage. It is also known as post-surgery tattooing or reconstructive tattooing. A paramedical tattoo is a specialized form of tattoo that is used to replicate skin tone to camouflage scars, birthmarks, stretch marks, nipple, and areola reconstruction.

How may OB help serve you, Today?

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Medical Professional/Surgeon seeking collaboration or patient referrals?

Please Contact us below by filling out our direct contact form. We will love to work with you and your patients!


Chase Tower

600 Jefferson St. STE. B 

Lafayette, La, 70501


Are You a Medical Tattooing Canadidate?

Are You a candidate for 3D-Areola Restoration?

Are You a candidate for Stretch mark/Scar restoration?

High Lights

Featured on KLFY News

Louisiana's First Privately Owned Medical Micropigmentation Parlor for breast cancer survivors

Featured in Acadiana's Advocate News

Stretch Marks to survivor's stories with medical micropigmentation

Featured With Chase Tower for Breast Cancer awareness event.

First Annual Breast Cancer Awareness event as Host and Guest speaker!

Featured with Pretty Rich Bosses of LA

Invited to the 3rd annual Master Mind of LA with Pretty Rich Bosses as a medical micropigmentation specialist



FAQ's On Medical Micro-pigmentation

How many Sessions will I need?

Sessions are determined based on the in-person consultation done between the client and technician. A full assessment is done on the area of concern, then the number of treatments will be discussed based on the clinician's findings.

How long is the down time?

Down Time is determined based off of skin texture and type. You may return to your daily regime after 1-week of the initial session.

How long is the healing process?

For hypo-pigmented clients (lighter marks on the skin) 4-6 weeks healing process, before we can break skin again. Hyperpigmented clients (Dark marks on skin 6,8,10 weeks healing process. 

Do I need an in person consultation first before booking an appointment for a procedure?

Yes, it is highly recommended to book and in-person consultation before an appointment because the technician needs to assess the area of concern to determine the procedure that best fits the client's needs.

If I just had surgery, how long do I need to wait to revise my scars or get 3D-Areolas?

Clients must wait until doctors have cleared them from any recovery restraints or orders.

I have scars/stretch marks, how long should I wait to get them revised or camouflaged?

Stretch marks needs to be at least 6 months to a year old before we are able to touch the area of concern or book an initial appointment. The skin needs to be completely healed.



Chase Tower

600 Jefferson St. STE. B 

Lafayette, La, 70501


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